The Hounslow Shelter Project is providing support to some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

Hounslow Council currently predicts that by 2018, there will be 1,800 households who are currently homeless in Hounslow.  This will have risen from 800 in 2008. While some families are able to stay somewhere as a temporary measure, the number of men and women living without shelter, warmth or food in our community is increasing.  Our aim is to provide the support needed to enable people to secure a more safe and settled way of life as quickly as possible.


The Shelter Project Hounslow was launched in 2012 by Christian Churches of all backgrounds across the Borough. We provide care and accommodation for people who are sleeping rough on our streets, behind shops and in parks during the harshest months of the winter.  The Project is run mainly by volunteers – around 550 at the last count!  We were awarded Charity of the Year at the 2013 Hounslow Volunteering Awards and the Council have strongly supported the work we do.


There are many reasons a person may become homeless.  Whatever an individual’s background, The Shelter Project Hounslow provides refuge, a warm welcome, a hot meal and a bed for the night in one of our Churches across the Borough.  Crucially,
we are more than just a warm bed for the night, we fund a caseworker who works individually with our clients, supporting them to take the steps needed to improve
their situation; whether that is gaining employment, securing housing, addiction support or repatriation.


A few weeks ago, during a really cold snap Simon was found sleeping behind one of
the major shops in Hounslow high street. He was cold, hungry and desperate for help. He was given a place in the Hounslow shelter and help with travel costs. He is now working and hopes to be able to move into a rented room in the near future.


Why we need your help

The Project keeps its costs down to a minimum through its use of volunteers.  We do however need just £10,000 per year to continue to run our services and we are seeking your help in order to try and secure our future. We absolutely rely on voluntary funding to be able to carry on and without the generosity of our supporters there are people who will remain on the streets of Hounslow, who do not have the support they need to move their lives forward.


What might your contribution fund?

The following donations could help us provide:

 • £5 a bag of toiletries – so important if someone has a job interview!

 • £45 an evening meal for a full Shelter of 14 men

 • £850 keeps our entire Project going for another month

 • £1500 helps provide mattresses and bedding for a whole winter



Alternatively, a cheque made out to ‘The Shelter Project Hounslow’ should be sent to: The Treasurer TSPH, Christ Church Turnham Green, Town Hall Avenue, London W4 5DT.


 A bank transfer could also be made to the TSPH Account at HSBC sort code 40-02-13, account number 81731866.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. 
Do whatever you can to help a remarkable
local project which is doing great work.


With best wishes,

Jennifer Corin

Chairman of the Board of Trustees