Tadessi’s story *

Tadessi is from a village in Eritrea. He is in his mid-20s and was conscripted into the army, unpaid and with no exit date.  He could not return to his family and felt he had no future. With a few friends he decided to leave the country to look for a better life. 
He travelled to the Mediterranean coast mainly on foot and arranged a passage to Lampedusa. His cousin followed a short time later and was one of those who drowned when the boat sank.


Tadessi travelled mainly on foot to London where he found himself without accommodation food or money. He was picked up by London Street Rescue and brought to TSPH where he was given a food and a bed. When he arrived he spoke little English, but was keen to learn. Our caseworker helped him find a small flat in Hounslow and he studied English and IT at West Thames College and enrolled in the William Wilberforce employability scheme and worked in their furniture bank.


Doctor Saeed’s story *

Saeed a qualified doctor fled from war torn Syria to safety in the UK. He found himself destitute, alone and unemployed. He was directed to the shelter project Hounslow after much enquiries. He explained his unfortunate plight and how he was in danger of his life, especially as doctors were being killed. He sent his wife and 8 month baby to neighbouring Lebanon. Saeed was case worked by the caseworker dedicated solely to the shelter project Hounslow. After several weeks, he was resettled and housed in Plymouth where he is currently studying to convert his medical qualifications. His aim is to be able to give back to the British people who provided refuge in his time of need.

* Names have been changed.