The shelter will be held in a different church each night of the week from December to March inclusive, providing emergency accommodation and hot food for up to 14 male guests every night.


Who are our guests?

They are people from all walks of life who are homeless for different reasons.
Some of the common causes are:

 • Mental health problems - including depression

 • Drugs, alcohol and related problems

 • Family breakdown - death, divorce, conflict with family member/s

 • Change in circumstances - e.g. was living with parent/relative who has died

 • A history of being in care

 • Former members of the Armed Services

 • Unemployment/debt

 • Jail/crime - history of offending

 • Gambling addiction

 • Lack of papers - birth certificates/passports

 • An inability to access services such as benefits and doctors

 • Irregular immigration status

 • Refugee/asylum seeking status


A small percentage who have temporary housing needs will also be welcomed on the advice of local referral agencies. The focus will very much be on the quality of service to guests:  welcome, hospitality, inclusivity and non-judgement provided by a team of committed volunteers from local churches.


Guests and volunteers will sit and eat together, which will help guests feel ‘at home'. This has been proven successful in engaging those who have previously been unable or unwilling to work with mainstream support services.


Everybody who stays at the shelters will be given bedding and basic toiletries.
All guests will be offered a cooked main evening meal as well as breakfast in the mornings.  Additionally TSPH will offer bus passes to guests without recourse to public funds to help them travel between shelters during the week and attend their various appointments during the daytime.


Guest Referral agencies

London Borough of Hounslow Rough Sleepers' CoOrdinator - Bilal Dunoo

Thamesreach London Street Rescue - Rob Twisse

Mungosbroadway - Liz Ursell

Hounslow Outreach Team - A Islington Howley

Refugee Action - Aftaar Malik

iHear Partnership Hounslow - Geena Virdi

The Olive Branch Homeless Drop-In Hounslow - Tony Richardson